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Geos Laboratories is independent and carries out tests in all objectivity.

An important guarantee for you and your customers.

Our accreditations are valid throughout Europe. For a large number of tests, such as bitumen and asphalt, we can even issue certificates that are valid all over the world.

We always strive for the fastest turnaround time to deliver your certificates as quickly as possible.

Own transport service that brings the samples from the yard to the laboratory. We provide free adapted packaging material for the most diverse materials.

A sales team that is reactive and can answer both commercial and technical questions.

Geos Laboratories has been active in the testing of building materials for more than 40 years. During that time, investments were continually made, processes were optimized and employees were trained to meet the rapidly evolving construction techniques. Testing is more than operating a device!

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Bitumen & Asphalt

GEOS is the preferred partner of road builders, bitumen, and crushed stone suppliers. Within each domain, we carry out all possible tests to guarantee the quality.



With its roots in geology, GEOS has seen all types of aggregates pass: from Scottish granite to French porphyry, from Belgian limestone to Norwegian sandstone.



Geos has often proven its expertise by way of a countless number of tests, material surveys, and services such as petrographic research on concrete.


Hydraulic Binders

A proper determination of the chemical and mineral composition is a fixed component of quality control. Among other things, we provide analyzes with X-ray and plasma techniques.


Solid Construction Materials

With our roots in geology, after 40 years our reputation has been carved in stone when it comes to testing natural stone and solid building materials.



GEOS combines the diverse specialisms of mineralogy, chemistry, geology, and materials science into a unique soil mechanics lab. Testing can be applied in, among other things: geotechnical design, environmental soil research, hydraulic engineering and land reclamation.