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Join our Team!


A reliable infrastructure and sustainable building methods are things that each of us counts on for the future. Geos Laboratories works every day towards that future by testing the building materials that have to fulfill this ambition. It does this internationally, with motivated people, and with the finger on the pulse of new high-tech developments in the construction sector.


On a regular basis we are looking for:

  • Geologists
  • Analysts / Lab Technicians
  • Office Managers
  • Sales Representatives


We are also open for propositions from students who would like to gain experience as a lab assistant from June till September 2019.

As a job student, you are deployed in our various laboratories (head office Wellen), and you assist the permanent team in carrying out tests on different building materials. You help with the preparation, execution, and reporting of the test results. Also, the inspection and maintenance of the lab equipment are in your varied range of tasks.


Do you want something different than a student job in the hospitality business for a change? Something that looks professional on your CV in the future?


If you have something to do with technique and do not shy away from a bit of physics and chemistry, please email or call us!



Please send us your application accompanied by a resume to jobs&geos.be

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Geos Laboratories


Hertenstraat 30, 3830 B-Wellen

+32 12 67 09 09


Geos Laboratories France


+33 1 60 92 43 04


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