asphalt and bitumen road works

Asphalt and Bitumen testing laboratory

GEOS is the preferred asphalt and bitumen testing laboratory of road builders, bitumen, and crushed stone suppliers. Within each domain, we carry out all possible tests to guarantee the quality.


The ease of applying, demolishing and recycling explains the popularity of asphalt as a road hardener. Developments around this product continue each day. Sound reducing and new stiff types of asphalt have seen the light of life over the years. New raw materials, other proportions. Variation in asphalt recipes is unlimited. The art is to select useful recipes and develop them into a product. However, there isn’t always time to test everything.

In that case, you can consider outsourcing parts of the pre-study to GEOS. In cooperation with your asphalt technologists, we conduct restricted parts of the pre-study. A doubling of your R&D capacity without investments and knowledge stays where it should: in your hands!

For over three decades GEOS functions as a reliable control laboratory for various governments and private institutions. Drilled asphalt cores are examined on layer thickness, void content and compaction ratio. The presence of harmful PAH’s is discovered with a simple test.

Testing in an independent laboratory is the key to an agreement over quality for all involved parties.


Bitumen is a crude oil product, generally used as a binder in road construction. Less common it is used as waterproof roofing and as backing in the carpet industry. The chemical composition of bitumen can vary sharply, which is why functional properties classify the product. The visco-elasticity (‘hardness’) at outdoor temperatures, melting behaviour during processing and fatigue- and ageing behaviour are essential factors as a result of this.

GEOS is specialized in all analyses on bitumen. Standard characterization according to European guidelines and complementary research of lifespan. Besides European standards, GEOS also meets ASTM norms and performs AASHTO Performance Grading.

Bitumen is a raw material for many binders: PMB’s, emulsions, pouring asphalt, and joint sealants. Also, these products are tested in our laboratory.

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