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Solid Construction Materials testing laboratory

With our roots in geology, after 40 years our reputation has been carved in stone when it comes to testing natural stone and solid construction materials.

GEOS distinguishes itself in its test laboratories by placing the tests on solid building materials in four groups:


Brick is a characteristic element in the architecture of the low countries. This is partly due to the frequent occurrence of clay, the raw material of ceramic products. In brickworks equipped with high-temperature ovens, facing bricks, quick building bricks, paving stones and roof tiles are baked. Once baked, ceramic products are form-retaining and mostly inert. There are of course quality differences that have to do with compressive strength, abrasion resistance, and frost resistance.

With GEOS all these properties are tested according to the applicable standards. Specifically for paving stones (clinkers), the slip resistance and abrasion resistance are determined.

Due to the use of de-icing salts, the temperature shock is more severe for paving stones than for facing bricks. These conditions are also simulated in our climate chambers.

GEOS can also carry out tests for you on existing masonry. After the removal of some stones or complete wall elements, the quality of the structure is mapped through chemical and physical analyses.

Natural stone

High-quality natural stone has been used as a building material since ancient times. In the past, people knew what could be achieved with the locally available stone and what was not. There was also no question of damage by the modern city climate. Nowadays there is a lively trade in all kinds of natural stones from all over the world. The regular bluestone, sandstone, and porphyry from our region are interspersed with variants far beyond the borders of Europe.

But how do you know if a type is suitable for the use you have in mind?

GEOS, as a laboratory for applied geology and architecture, has years of experience with independent research on natural stone as a building material. At GEOS we test all relevant properties of the natural stone. We determine to wear and tear resistance, climate resistance, and discolouration. By microscopic research, we give a complete description of the rock. We investigate claims in existing works in natural stone, and we test the suitability for new jobs from our test results.

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