Tests on ceramics

Abrasion resistance sampleEN 1344 – Annex EB
EN ISO 10545-6B
Capillary water absorption sampleEN 772-11B
Cold water absorption sampleEN 772-21B
Determination of uniaxial compressive strengthEN 14617-15
EN 772-1B
Gross dry density sampleEN 772-13B
Net dry density sampleEN 772-13B
Dimensions of clay pavers sampleEN 1344 – Annex BB
Dimensions sampleEN 772-16 §7.1B
EfflorescenceNBN B 24-209 (1974)B
Flatness of masonry unitsEN 772-20
Determination of flexural strength sampleEN 14617-2
EN 1344 – Annex DB
EN 15037-3+A1
EN ISO 10545-4B
Freeze/thaw resistanceNBN B 27-009 (1996)B
EN 772-22 (2019)B
EN 1344 – Annex CB
Frost resistance – water absorption by capillarityNBN B 27-010 (1983)B
Plane parallelism of the bed facesEN 772-16 §7.4
Shells and webs sampleEN 772-16 §7.2 & §7.5B
Slip resistance sampleCEN TS 16165B
Active soluble salts content (ICP-AES)EN 772-5 §9.3B
Net volume and percentage of voids sampleEN 772-3B
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