Tests on Hydraulic Binders

GEOS laboratories offers a full range of tests on hydraulic binders like cement, lime, fly ash, mortar, gypsum, and slag.

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff members if you need additional information or a tailor-made offer on any of the tests listed here.


Alkali content (ICP-AES)LPC n° 48
Influence on soundness (Châtelier)EN 196-3 §7B
Chloride (potentiometric)EN 196-2B
EN ISO 1158
CO2 (TGA)EN 196-2B
NF P18-805
Compressive strengthEN 196-1B
Content of cement constituentsCEN/TR 196-4 §6.2
Water-soluble chromium (VI)EN 196-10B
Particle densityEN 1097-7BL
EN 196-6 §4BL
Fineness by sieving (90 µm)EN 196-6 §3BL
EN 196-6 §3BL
Fineness by air permeabiltyEN 196-6 §4BL
Determination of flexural strength (28 days)EN 196-1B
Free CaOEN 451-1B
Water retentionEN 413-2 §6B
Water solubilityMETHOD Geos
Heat of hydrationEN 196-8B
EN 196-9B
Chemical composition (ICP-AES)EN 196-2B
Impure SiO2EN 196-2 §4.5.5
Insoluble residueEN 196-2 §4.4.3B
Loss on ignition (TGA)EN 196-2B
NF P18-805
Reactive Al2O3EN 197-1
Reactive CaOEN 197-1B
Reactive SiO2EN 197-1B
SulfideEN 196-2 §4.4.5B
Determination of shrinkage and swellingNF P 15-433B
SulfatesEN 196-2 §4.4.2B
Soluble phosphate contentEN 450-1 Annex CB
Total organic carbonISO 10694 – ISO 12902
Total carbonISO 10694 – ISO 12902B
Initial setting time (Vicat)EN 196-3 §6.2B
Final setting time (Vicat)EN 196-3 §6.3B
Chemical composition (XRF)EN 196-2 §5B

Fly ash

Compressive strength (2 days)EN 196-1B
False set (Tusschenbroeck test)NF P18-363
Fineness by wet sievingEN 451-2B
Water requirement of fly ashEN 450-1 Annex B
Chemical composition (ICP-AES)EN 196-2B
Influence on the initial setting timeEN 196-3 §6B
Chemical composition (XRF)EN 196-2 §5B


Anhydrite content (calculation)METHOD Geos
Chloride (potentiometric)VGB M 701 § 8.8
VGB M 701 § 8.8
HCl insolublesVGB M 701 § 8.11
Chemical composition (ICP-AES)VGB M 701 § 8.7
Chemical composition (water soluble)(ICP-AES)VGB M 701 § 8.7
pHVGB M 701 § 4
Sulfates (IC)VGB M 701 § 2.3
CaSO3 . ½ H2OVGB M 701 § 8.9
Total organic carbon (based on ISO 10694/12902)VGB M 701 § 8.10
Moisture, purity and CaCO3 content (TGA)VGB M 701 § 3


Free limePTV 847 Annex A (2019)
Free water in buiding limeEN 459-2 §5.4
Reactivity of limeEN 459-2 §6.6
Stability of limeEN 459-2 §6.4.4
Initial setting time (Vicat)EN 459-2 §6.5.4
Final setting time (Vicat)EN 459-2 §6.5.4


Abrasion resistanceEN 12808-2
Determination of strength (28 days)EN 1015-11B
Compressive and flexural strengthEN 12808-3
Determination of strengthEN 1015-11B
Consistence of fresh mortar (plunger)EN 1015-4
Freeze-thaw resistance of mortarEN 12808-3
Determination of frost resistance (mortar)PTV 844 – version 1.0 (2019)
Determination of shrinkageEN 12808-4
Determination of water absorptionEN 12808-5


Compressive strength (2 days)EN 196-1B
Determination of slag contentCEN/TR 196-4 §7.2.2B
Moisture contentEN 15167-1 Annex A
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