Analysing natural stone

Tests on natural stone

GEOS laboratories offers a full range of tests on natural stone.

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff members if you need additional information or a tailor-made offer on any of the tests listed here. Or visit the information page about our dedicated solid construction materials testing laboratory.

Tests on Natural Stone

Acid resistance of natural stoneMETHOD GEOS
Resistance to ageing by SO2 actionEN 13919B
Basic resistance of natural stoneMETHOD GEOS
Abrasion resistance (Capon)EN 14157 §3B
Chemical analysisPTV 819-5 – version 1.0 (2019)B
Classification of natural stonePTV 819-4 – version 1.0 (2019)
Determination of uniaxial compressive strengthASTM D7012
EN 1926B
Continuity indexNF P 18-556
Apparent density and open porosityEN 1936B
Breaking load at dowel hole (type IIa)EN 13364
Determination of flexural strength sampleEN 12372B
Determination of frost resistance (identication)EN 12371B
Visual analysis of presence of limestoneMETHOD GEOS
Petrographic examination of natural stoneEN 12407B
Determination of porosityNF P 94-410-3
Slip resistanceEN 14231B
Tensile splitting strengthASTM D3967
Ageing by thermal shockEN 14066B
Waterabsorption by capillarityEN 1925B
Waterabsorption at atmospheric pressureEN 13755B
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