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As an independent control laboratory, Geos Laboratories plays a central role in certifying building materials. This benefits both the producer and the end-user.

Why choose Geos Laboratories?

Whether it concerns foundation material, granulate, bitumen or asphalt, a producer must demonstrate that his product is of high-quality. The best way to do this is to test it in an independent, accredited laboratory.

Quality Marks

For some time now it has been compulsory for products to bear a CE marking within European trade. Besides, more and more end-users are demanding that the product is provided with a national quality mark, such as Benor, Komo, NF, Laboroute, AASHTO or Güteschütz. In practice, this often means that a producer who supplies several countries has the same product tested several times by different laboratories in those sales countries.


The GEOS accreditations are valid throughout Europe for international agreements and some materials such as bitumen even worldwide. Moreover, we are at the crossroads of three language areas: reporting in Dutch, French, German and English is no problem for us. As a result, tests carried out at GEOS for certification can be used in all European member states and far beyond.

Product Development

But the GEOS laboratory is not only open to quality control. Over the years, we have become the most extensive laboratory for construction and infrastructure. In addition to typical mechanical tests on road-building materials, such as fission and compressive strength, we have support departments in the fields of microscopy, chemistry and even mineralogy. In all phases of product development – from raw material to sustainable reuse – we can assist our customers with customized analyzes.

In the preliminary phase of a construction project, for example, we can assess the capacity of the soil and examine the residual life of existing constructions. As a result, we have a customer base in which all stakeholders from the construction industry are represented. From raw material producers to contractors, governments and even insurance companies.

Future Vision

With the current trend, Geos sees the role of sustainably manufactured and applied products continually increasing. It will be a challenge for both manufacturers and builders to ensure the same product quality with often alternative, recycled, raw materials. We keep a finger on the pulse of these new techniques and continue to invest in people and equipment to support this evolution qualitatively.

Our company values

In addition to our Geos company profile, please read our company values and what they mean for our employees.

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