Tests on concrete


Chemical tests

Alkali content of concrete (ICP-AES)EN 196-2B
Cement contentGrandDuBé
NBN B 15-250 (1991)B
Chloride content by potentiometric titrationBSW rapportnummer 96-01B
EN 14629
NBN B 15-250 (1991)B
Water-soluble chloride saltsEN 1015-17B
Chloride (total)GrandDuBé
CO2 (TGA)NBN B 15-250 (1991)B
Insoluble residue on mortar (HCl-test)Method Geos
Insoluble residueNBN B 15-250 §8 (1991)B
Loss on ignitionNBN B 15-250 §7 (1991)B
NBN B 15-250 (1991)B
Nitrate content (IC)Method Geos
Sulfate content (IC)NBN B 15-250 (1991)B

Durability tests

Reactivity of a concrete formula for alkali-aggregate reacitvity (AAR)NF P 18-454B
Acid resistance of concreteMethod Geos
Air void characteristicsASTM C 457B
EN 480-11BL
Accelerated test on concreteNBN B 15-001
Resistance to carbonationMethod Geos
EN 13295
Carbonation depthCUR-aanbeveling 48 (2010)
EN 14630B
Chemical resistance of concreteEN 1825-1 §8.2.1
EN 858-1 §8.1.4
Resistance to seawaterCUR-aanbeveling 48 § 7.5 (2010)
NBN B 15-100 §
Resistance to sulfatesCUR-aanbeveling 48 § 7.5 (2010)
NBN B 15-100 §
Resistance to freezing – Internal damageprNBN B15-100
Frost resistance (freeze/thaw in water)NF P 18-424
Resistance to freezing w. de-icing saltsprNBN B15-100
Freeze/thaw resistance with de-icing saltEN 1433 Annex CB
Freeze-thaw cycling with de-icing salt immersionEN 13687-1
Freeze/thaw resistance – scalingCEN/TS 12390-9 §5B
XP P 18-420
ISO/DIS 4846-2
SB 250 (3.1) Hfdst. XIV §4.8
Determination of frost resistanceNBN B 15-231 (1987)B
Gas permeability of hardened concreteXP P 18-463B
Water impermeabilityEN 491 §5.7B
Depth of penetration of water under pressureEN 12390-8B
ISO 7031
RCMXP P 18-462B
NT Build 492B
Electrical resistivity of concreteMETHOD Geos
Accelerated test on mortar by concrete prism testLPC n° 66

Tests on fresh concrete

Air content of fresh mortar (after 1h standing)EN 1015-7B
EN 12350-7BL
EN 413-2 §7B
DensityEN 12350-6BL
Flow valueEN 12350-5BL
Slump-testEN 12350-2BL
Vébé testEN 12350-3
Water contentTRA 550 Deel P, Annex A § 2.2

Petrographic tests

Petrographic examination of mortarMETHOD Geos
Petrographic examination of concreteMETHOD Geos
Petrographic examination of concrete (macroscopic)METHOD Geos
SEM analysisMethod Geos

Physical tests

Tensile testPTV 8450-2 – version 2.0 (2016)B
SB 250 (3.1) Hfdst. III §
EN 1542
EN 1348
Capillary water absorptionMETHOD Geos
NBN B 15-217 (1984)B
Compressive strength EN 12390-3BL
NBN B 15-220 (1990)B
PTV 100 (2002)B
RAW (2015) proef 32
PTV 21-101 (2010)
Determination of compression behaviourEN 826
Coring of concrete specimensEN 12504-1
Concrete coverEN 1917 § 6.3.2
CreepNBN B 15-228 (1976)
Density of hardened concrete by dimensionsEN 12390-7B
NBN B 15-218 (1986)B
Density of hardened concrete by water displacementEN 12390-7B
Density of hardened mortar by dimensionsEN 1015-10B
Porosity accessible to water and densityNF P 18-459B
Mass per unit areaEN 845-2 § 5.2.2
Dynamic E-module of concrete by speed of soundNBN B 15-229 (1976)
Static module of elasticityEN 12390-13
Fibre content in fresh or hardened concreteEN 14721+A1 (2007)B
Flexural strength (one-point loading)EN 12390-5 Annex AB
Flexural strength (two-point loading)EN 12390-5B
Shrinkage and expansionNBN B 15-216 (1974)
Slip resistanceEN 13036-4B
Tensile splitting strength of test specimensEN 12390-6B
Loading test on gully tops and manhole topsEN 124-1
Loading test on drainage channelEN 1433 §9.1B
Crushing strength of gully tops and manhole topsBRL 9203 § 4.2.13
Vertical strength of reducing units and capping unitsPTV 114 §7.5.2 (2012)
Shear strength of hollow concrete core slabsEN 1168 Annex J
Loading test on gully tops and manhole topsNEN 7067 § 5.5.2
Crushing strength of pre-cast drainage boxesPTV 105 (2002)
Crushing strength of concrete pipesEN 1916 Annex CB
Crushing strength of chamber and shaft unitsEN 1917 Annex AB
Dimensions of a concrete coreAfl. PM – Hfdst. 53 (53.01)B
Coating thicknessMethod Geos
Water absorption by immersionNBN B 15-215 (2018)B
EN 13369 – Annex FB
EN 13369 – Annex GB
EN 1433 §9.2B
EN 1916 Annex FB
EN 1917 Annex D
PTV 100 (2002)
Water permeabilityPTV 126 § 8.3 (2017)B

Concrete blocks

Density of concrete blocsCERIB Fiche 391 (2007)
Capillary water absorption sampleEN 772-11B
Compressive strength sampleEN 772-1B
Freeze/thaw resistanceEN 772-22 (2019)B
Moisture movementEN 772-14B
Drying shrinkageEN 680B

Concrete Kerb units

Abrasion resistance (Capon)EN 1340 – Annex GB
Determination of flexural strengthEN 1340 – Annex FB
Freeze/thaw resistance with de-icing saltEN 1340 – Annex DB
Slip resistanceEN 1340 – Annex IB
Water absorption by immersionEN 1340 – Annex EB

Concrete Paving Blocks

Abrasion resistance (Capon)EN 1338 – Annex GB
Dimensions of concrete paving blocksEN 1338 – Annex C
Freeze/thaw resistance with de-icing saltEN 1338 – Annex DB
Penetration value of packing piecesEN 1338 – Annex F
Slip resistanceEN 1338 – Annex IB
StrengthEN 1338 – Annex FB
Water absorption by immersionEN 1338 – Annex EB

Concrete paving flags

Abrasion resistance (Capon)EN 1339 – Annex GB
Chloride ion ingress (products and system for protection and repair of concrete structures)EN 13396
Determination of flexural strengthEN 1339 – Annex FB
Freeze/thaw resistance with de-icing saltEN 1339 – Annex DB
Slip resistanceEN 1339 – Annex IB
Water absorption by immersionEN 1339 – Annex EB

Mixing water

AlkalinityEN 1008
Assessment of mixing waterEN 1008
Chlorides (IC)EN 196-2B
Density @ 20°CEN 1008B
Dissolved matterEN 1008
Alkali (ICP-AES)EN 196-2B
NitratesEN 196-2B
P2O5EN 196-2B
PbEN 196-2B
P2O5 – Pb – ZnEN 196-2B
pHISO 4316
Preliminary assessmentEN 1008
SugarsMethod Geos
Sulphates (IC)EN 196-2B
ZnEN 196-2

Mineralogical tests

Glas content (XRD)BRL 9325 Annex 3
Quantitative XRD analysisMethod Geos


Alkali content (ICP-AES)EN 480-12B
Capillary water absorption (7 days of curing)EN 480-5B
Water-soluble chlorides by titrationEN 480-10B
Density at 20°CEN 480-7B
ISO 758B
Conventional dry material contentEN 480-8B
Infrared analysisEN 480-6B
pHEN 480-9B
ISO 4316B
Effect on setting time (TRA 500 v6.0 01/01/2016)EN 480-2B
Visual characteristics (homogeneity and colour)METHOD Geos
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