Company values

Our five company values … and equally important: what can our employees expect.


Each of us personifies what is in our Code of Ethics.

It stands for honesty, for our standards, for our ethics and the drive to do the right thing. With integrity as a core value, our day-to-day interactions with customers, suppliers and each other are based on trust and honesty.

You can expect GEOS to prioritize integrity to build a positive work environment, promote ethical behavior, and foster trust and loyalty. By cultivating a culture of open and honest communication, we create a workplace where you feel valued, respected and motivated to come back to work with passion every day.


We say what we do and we do what we say.

Reliability means that every GEOS team member carries out their duties uncompromisingly, knowing that each of us has an influence on the quality of our service. In our role as a control lab, reliability is vital. Our customer must not only be able to rely on the fact that every sample has been tested on time, but also that the result is 100% correct. Reliability is fundamental to building a constructive relationship with our customer.

We trust in you and want to work every day on mutual trust. You can expect fair and objective treatment from GEOS. To guarantee your reliability towards the customers, we provide realistic planning, achievable goals and clear procedures that give you something to hold on to.


We constantly try to optimize our processes to reduce lead time and costs in order to increase quality and ultimately customer satisfaction.

If we want to deliver fast and reliable results while remaining profitable, it is vital to achieve the highest level of efficiency, always and everywhere. We strive for operational excellence and realize that everything we do can always be improved. This means that our work is never finished.

GEOS will ensure that you have the necessary materials and resources available to work as efficiently as possible. We work with processes every day and want to optimize these processes together with you. If you need help, we will be happy to see together which internal or external support we can call on for this. Above all, we strive for clear communication in which clear goals and feedback are given.


Ownership means that we act and think like owners every day.

But ownership mainly means that you take responsibility for your actions and results.

If you want to take responsibility, you must of course be given this. GEOS is only too happy to give you this. We are open to your initiatives and want to guide you where necessary. GEOS works every day to create a culture where you feel empowered to take on these responsibilities and be proud of your achievements.


We are ambitious in setting our goals and are never satisfied with the status quo.

Real ambition is the energy that drives one to get better day by day. Don’t be afraid to dream, and when you dream, dream big and do everything you can to make that dream come true. Do not be afraid to fail; fall and get up again. The most important thing is that you do things that are worth doing. We value people who make an important contribution to achieving our ambition to be the best.

All nice words but how are we going to do this together? At GEOS we want to give you the space to dream and to fail. We encourage you to dream and support you when you get up again. We realize that this requires a solid portion of courage from you, which is why we also encourage the smallest dreams.

Our company values speak to you?

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