Aggregates in lab ready to be tested

Tests on aggregates, fillers, recycled aggregates

GEOS laboratories offer a full range of tests on aggregates in multiple kind of forms and applications:

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff members if you need additional information or a tailor-made offer on any of the tests listed here.

Chemical tests

Alkali content (ICP-AES)CUR-aanbeveling 89 § 6.2 (2018)B
EN 196-2B
LPC n° 37BL
XP P 18-544B
CaCO3 contentEN 196-2B
Method GEOSB
Acid-soluble chloride saltsEN 1744-5
Water-soluble chloride saltsEN 1744-1 § 8BL
NEN 5921B
EN 1744-1 § 7BL
Carbonates (CO2)EN 196-2B
Bulk crushing resistanceMethod GEOS
Dangerous substancesEN 1423 Annex IB
Free limeEN 1744-1 § 18.4BL
Water solubilityEN 1744-1 § 16.1L
Hydrochloric acid testNBN 589-209 (1969)B
Chemical composition (ICP-AES) (Al2O3-B2O3-CaO-Cr2O3-Fe2O3-K2O-MgO-Mn2O3-Na2O-NiO-P2O5-SiO2-TiO2)Method GEOSB
Loss on ignitionEN 1744-1 § 17BL
EN 1744-1BL
ISO 3262-1
Metallic aluminium and zincCUR-aanbeveling 116 Annex A (2012)
MgCO3 contentEN 196-2
Organic contaminators (fulvo acid)EN 1744-1 § 15.2BL
Organic matter (H2O2)NBN 589-207 Par. 3 (1969)B
PTV 406 Annex C – version 6.0 (2015)
SB 250 (3.1) Hfdst. XIV § 4.15B
NBN B 11-256
Organic contaminators (humus)EN 1744-1 § 15.1BL
Organic matter (K2Cr2O7)NBN 589-207 Par. 4 (1969)B
NF P 94-055L
Organic contaminators (mortar)EN 1744-1 § 15.3B
pHISO 787-9B
Acid soluble sulfidesEN 1744-1 § 13
SiO2 (XRF)EN 196-2B
Acid-soluble sulfates (IC)EN 1744-1BL
Water-soluble sulfates (IC)EN 1744-1BL
Total sulfur content (ICP-AES)EN 1744-1 § 11BL
Total organic carbonEN 13639

Petrographic tests

Accelerated test on mortar by autoclave – C/G = 1,25NF P 18-594 § 5.1BL
Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials and Aggregate (accelerated mortar-bar method)ASTM C1567
Accelerated test on mortar by autoclaveNF P 18-594 § 5.1BL
Accelerated test on mortar by concrete prism testCUR-aanbeveling 89 § 7.3.2 (2006)B
CUR-aanbeveling 89 § 7.3.2 (2018)B
NF P 18-594 § 6
CUR-aanbeveling 89 § 7.3.1 (2018)
Accelerated test on mortar by concrete prism testDAfStb Alkali-Richtlinie, 2007-2, Teil 3 §5.2
Infrabel Spécification tech. No. L23 (2017)
ASR-sensitivity of aggregates by PFMCUR-aanbeveling 89 § 7.2 (2018)B
XP P 18-543BL
Petrographic examination of aggregatesFD P 18-542B
Geological fileTRA 411 (Annex C)
Petrographic examination of aggregates for concreteASTM C295
Petrographic description of aggregatesBS 812 part 104
EN 932-3BL
Addition to petrographic description: preparation of thin slicesEN 932-3
Power’s scale of roundnessMethod GEOS
Qualitative XRD analysisMethod GEOS

Physical tests

Abrasiveness And Grindability TestNF P18-579
Affinity between aggregate and bitumenEN 12697-11BL
Aggregate typeMethod GEOS
Accelerated test by “Microbar”NF P 18-594 § 5.2BL
Accelerated test on mortar by UAMBTASTM C 1260
Atterberg limitsCEN ISO TS 17892-12B
NF P 94-051L
Afl. PM – Hfdst. 01 (01.03)B
Clay pelletsNF P 18 545 § 10.1.6
Percentage of crushed and broken surfacesEN 933-5BL
EN 13055 Annex A
Loose bulk density (Annex A)EN 1097-3 Annex ABL
Particle densityEN 1097-6 Annex BBL
EN 1097-6 §7BL
EN 1097-6 §8BL
EN 1097-6 §9B
Loose bulk densityEN 1097-3BL
EN 1097-6B
Pre-dried particle density (31,5 – 63 mm)EN 1097-6 Annex AB
EN 1097-6 Annex GB
Particle density and water absorption 
(31,5 – 63 mm)
EN 1097-6 Annex BBL
EN 1097-6 §7BL
EN 1097-6 §8BL
EN 1097-6 §9B
Particle density and water absorption
(w/ fines)
EN 1097-6B
Designation of aggregatesEN 12620
EN 13139
RAW (2015) Hfdst. 22 § 06
RAW (2015) Hfdst. 83 § 16.01
Resistance to disintegrationEN 13055-1 Annex B
Drying shrinkageEN 1367-4B
Fines contentEN 12620
Flakiness indexEN 933-3BL
Flow coefficientEN 933-6 § 8BL
Foreign matter in reclaimed asphaltEN 12697-42
Freeze-thaw resistance (F)EN 1367-1BL
EN 13055-1 Annex C
Friability indexEN 1423 Annex GB
NF P18-576
Prohibited impuritiesNF P 18 545 § 3.43BL
Reactive iron sulfide particleEN 1744-1 § 14.1BL
Calculation of control frequency (k-value)BRL 9324
Los Angeles coefficient (LA)ASTM C535
EN 1097-2BL
NF P 18-572B
EN 1097-2 (ANNEX A)BL
Lightweight contaminatorsEN 1744-1 § 14.2BL
Methylene blue testEN 933-9BL
NEN 5941
NF P 94-068L
EN 933-9 Annex ABL
Micro-Deval coefficientEN 1097-1BL
NF P 18-572B
EN 1097-1 (ANNEX A)B
Magnesium sulfate testASTM C88
EN 1367-2
Particle size distributionEN 933-1BL
RAW (2015) proef 11B
Polished stone value (PSV)EN 1097-8BL
Sand equivalent testEN 933-8BL
EN 933-8 Annex ABL
Shape-indexEN 933-4B
Percentage of shellsEN 933-7BL
FM 5-555
Shell contentBS 812 part 106
Staining iron and vanadium compoundsCUR-aanbeveling 100 Annex H (2004)
NEN 5923
Comparison of the particle size with Talbot curveMethod GEOS
Thermal shock resistance (V_LA)EN 1367-5B
Vialit plate shock test – mechanical adhesionEN 12272-3 §
Water absorptionEN 1097-6 §7BL
EN 1097-6 §8BL
EN 1097-6 §9B
EN 1097-5BL

AggregatesBuilding limeFillersGroundwaterRecycled aggregatesSlag

Building lime

Sulfate content (IC)EN 459-2 §5.3
CaO contentEN 459-2 §5.8B
Ca(OH)2 contentEN 459-2 §5.8B
Standard mortar by mass and water demand for values of flow and penetrationEN 459-2 §6.8
Grading of filler (air jet)EN 459-2 §6.2B

AggregatesBuilding limeFillersGroundwaterRecycled aggregatesSlag


Compressive strength (28 days)EN 196-1B
Accelerated test on mortar by UAMBTMethod GEOS
Bitumen numberEN 13179-2B
Influence on soundness (Châtelier)EN 196-3 §7B
ChlorideEN 196-2 §4.5.16B
Determination of strength (28 days)EN 196-1B
Particle density of fillerEN 1097-7BL
Water susceptibility of fillersEN 1744-4B
Water solubility of fillerEN 1744-1 § 16.2L
Solubility in hydrochloric acidPTV 812 0.3NL
Loss on ignitionEN 196-2 §4.4.1B
Soluble phosphate contentEN 450-1 Annex CB
Grading of filler (air jet)EN 933-10B
Delta ring and ball testEN 13179-1BL
Sulfate content (IC)EN 196-2B
Influence on the initial setting timeEN 196-3 §6B
Voids of dry compacted fillerEN 1097-4BL

AggregatesBuilding limeFillersGroundwaterRecycled aggregatesSlag


Aggressive carbon dioxide content in waterEN 13577
NH4+ISO 7150-1
pHISO 4316B
Assessment of groundwater for attack on concreteNBN EN 206-1

AggregatesBuilding limeFillersGroundwaterRecycled aggregatesSlag

Recycled aggregates

Asbestos in recycled aggregatesCMA/2/II/C.2
Asbest screeningOVAM Eenheidsreglement bijlage 2
Classification testRAW (2015) proef 35B
Floating, non-floating cont. and glassCMA/2/II/A.22B
Classification testEN 933-11B
PTV 406 Annex IB
406 Annex JB
RAW (2015) proef 35B
Water-soluble sulfates in rec. aggregates (IC)EN 1744-1BL
Influence on the initial setting timeEN 1744-6

AggregatesBuilding limeFillersGroundwaterRecycled aggregatesSlag


Dicalcium silicate disintegration of blast-furnace slagEN 1744-1 § 19.1L
Iron disintegration of blast-furnace slagEN 1744-1 § 19.2L
Expansion of steel slagEN 1744-1 § 19.3BL
CME 01.12B
Fineness modulusRAW (2015) proef 15
EN 12620 – Annex B
Foreign matter in steel slagBRL 9310 § 5.6.1

AggregatesBuilding limeFillersGroundwaterRecycled aggregatesSlag

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