Tests on soil

Chemical tests

Acidity by Baumann-GullyEN 16502
Extraction of water soluble nutrients and elements (Cl- by titration)EN 13652
Hydrochloric acid testRAW (2015) proef 37B
Loss on ignition, organic matter and CaCO3-contentRAW (2015) proef 28B
Mg2+ (ICP-AES)ISO 7980
Organic matter (CCl3COOH)SB 250 (3.1) Hfdst. XIV § 3.4
Organic matter (H2O2)RAW (2015) proef 36B
Organic matter by calcination (TGA)XP P 94 047
pHISO 10390
Afl. PM – Hfdst. 01 (01.07)B
RAW (2015) proef 27
Salt content per liter of soil moistureRAW (2015) proef 38B
Sulfate content (IC)EN 196-2

Geotechnical tests

Direct shear testBS 1377-7
Measurement of swelling pressureBS 1377-5
Consolidated drained triaxial testNEN 5117
BS 1377-8
CEN ISO TS 17892-9
Consolidated undrained triaxial testNEN 5117
BS 1377-8
CEN ISO TS 17892-9
Unconsolidated undrained triaxial testBS 1377-8
CEN ISO TS 17892-8
Unconfined compression testCEN ISO TS 17892-7
(pocket) Vane shear testMethod GEOS
Vane shear testASTM D4648
BS 1377-7

Petrographic tests

Geological description of soilMethod GEOS

Physical tests

Atterberg limitsRAW (2015) proef 14B
Classification of soilNEN 5104
NF P 11-300
SB 250 (3.1) Hfdst. III § 3
SB 260 (1.0) Hfdst. XXII §
Particle densityCEN ISO TS 17892-3
DensityCEN ISO TS 17892-2 § 5.1
NEN 5110 & 5112
NF P 94-053
Designation of soilRAW (2015) Hfdst. 22 § 06
Electrical conductivityEN 13038
Erosion resistanceRAW (2015) Hfdst. 22 § 06.07
Particle size distribution – HydrometerEN ISO TS 17892-4 § 5.3B
NF P 94-057L
RAW (2015) proef 1B
Permeability coefficientMethod GEOS
Permeability by Eykelkamp
(based ISO/TS 17892-11)
Method GEOS
Permeability by “Constant Head”NEN 5123
Permeability by falling head
(based on ISO/TS 17892-11)
Method GEOS
Particle size distribution
particles <0,020 mm
RAW (2015) proef 12
Particle size distribution
particles <0,063 mm
RAW (2015) proef 2B
Particle size distribution by
laser diffraction
Method GEOS
Particle size distributionEN ISO TS 17892-4 § 5.2B
NF P 94 056L
Assessment of soil for attack on concreteNBN EN 206-1
Rheological analysisMethod GEOS
Texture of soilRAW (2015) proef 29
Soil textureSB 250 (3.1) Hfdst. III § 4.2
Water contentCEN ISO TS 17892-1
NF P 94-050L
SB 260 (1.0) Hfdst. XXII § 4.2

Proctor tests

Binder dosing curveMethod GEOS
Binder studyMethod GEOS
California bearing ratio (CBR)EN 13286-47BL
Determination of compressive strengthRAW (2015) proef 18B
EN 13286-41BL
Immediate bearing index (IBI)EN 13286-47BL
1-point modified Proctor compaction (water content as deliverd)EN 13286-2BL
5-point modified Proctor compactionEN 13286-2BL
Resistance to immersionCME 52.23
Determination of tensile strengthEN 13286-42BL
Accelerated swelling testEN 13286-49
Test for determing the treatment abilitity of a soilNF P 94-100
Workability periodEN 13286-45B
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